How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement

Roofing projects are tedious, disruptive, and expensive, and it only makes sense to do everything possible to get it right the first time!

So, while you’re waiting for the D-day to come once the contract is signed and scheduled, there’s no reason why you can’t be proactive. 

There are tons of things you need to do to prepare your home for roof replacement, ensuring you don’t have a panic attack on the day the project starts. Preparing and planning in advance helps you avoid unwanted delays or strenuous headaches at the last moment!

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to prepare for roof installation or replacement –

Park Your Car Away from House

Make sure the car is parked a bit further from the house or in the garage when the roofers arrive. You don’t want roofing materials, dirt, and debris falling on your car and leaving scratches and dents. 

Prepare Your Home for Roof Replacement

As odd as it may seem, your home needs to be prepared for roof replacement as well. 

Yes, even though the roof replacement is happening outside, the thumping and the vibrations from the project can cause considerable after-effects that may lead to wall-hangings, photo-frames, wall décor, etc., to fall off. 

Take off any fragile items off the wall and safeguard other valuables that may not be suitably placed. 

Take Care of Kids & Pets

The non-stop noise from the roof replacement project of hammering, footsteps, etc., can be annoying and disturbing for pets and kids. 

Moreover, there’s always a chance of things falling off around the house or even inside at times. So, the best solution is to send the kids away to friends or family’s homes for a day or two till the project lasts. 

Protect Your Yard & Patio Furniture 

With things falling off from the roof without warnings during the roof replacement project, it’s better to clear your yard and patio of any furniture or valuable décor items. 

You can store these items and patio furniture in the garage or shift them to a protected area at the very back of your yard. Some of the common items that need to be re-located are –

  • Barbecues
  • Toys
  • Patio Furniture
  • Inflatable Pools
  • Lawn Ornaments
  • Potted Plants

Cover The Attic

The attic always gets messy during the roof installation and roof replacement project. A lot of sawdust, roofing debris, and wood splinters make their way to the attic, covering every item and the floor of the attic with a thick layer of dust. 

Most professional roofing contractors provide a solution to this by making a plastic tent attached to the ceiling, catching all the dust and debris falling off the roof. Once the project is done, the plastic is rolled along with all the dirt and debris and disposed of.

Check Outside Power Source

Roofing company often works with their own generators, but they may occasionally need an outside power source in case the equipment is too powerful to work on a generator or for any other reason. 

If you have an outside power outlet, make sure it’s working before the scheduled project time to ensure no unwanted surprises or delays later on.

Satellite Dish Provider

If you have a satellite dish installed on the roof, have it removed by the provider before the project and arrange with them to be re-installed post-project. 

Don’t Set Your Security Alarm

In case you plan to leave the house on the day of roof replacement, it’s a wise choice to keep the security system on but not set the alarm. This is because noises and vibrations from roof replacement projects can set it off, causing unwanted troubles and delays. 

However, you can always keep security cameras and other security systems on.

Cover Your Pool & Driveway 

The pool and driveway need to be covered appropriately to ensure no damage is caused during the roof replacement. If you can’t make the arrangements yourself, rest assured that the roofing contractor can get it done for a nominal cost or for free. 

Final Thoughts 

Roof replacement is a complicated and somewhat messy job with a lot of moving parts. Picturing the scenario on D-day well in advance will help you take care of minor things and ensure no unwanted damages or accidents occur due to oversight. 

At Stormtrooper Roofing, we provide our clients with the information they need to prepare their homes for roof replacement. 

Moreover, on the scheduled day, we inspect thoroughly and take measures to ensure all gaps are filled if there’s any oversight by homeowners. 

For us, customers’ safety and satisfaction are important, and our team at Stormtrooper Roofing goes the extra mile to achieve it – always!

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